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Here we focus on exercise therapy, an alternative type of therapy to traditional physical therapy, surgery, shots, and pain pills. We utilize specific exercises and postural positions designed to create better muscle balance and joint alignment, generally focused on correcting improper posture. It is a holistic approach to helping chronic back, neck, knee, or other muscular-skeletal pains. Even though we are not a chiropractic clinic, we are very complimentary to chiropractic care. Exercise therapy teaches your muscles to move your bones into the correct posture, which reduces inflammation, encourages cartilage regrowth, and decreases stress on the spine. 

Our programs are designed for your specific issues and the lifestyle you live. They are not cookie-cutter or protocol driven. We get you back to moving the way you were meant to move. A better, more natural movement through better posture. When you move better, you feel better!

Exercise Therapy of Kansas City has been transforming people’s lives for over 15 years. We have helped clients who were told they could not be helped with traditional therapies and helped clients prevent surgery and get back to the life they used to live – an active younger life.

Meet The Founder, Travis Perret

Travis Perret’s passion is helping people get back to doing what they love to do without the limitations of chronic pain.

This passion was developed early in his career when visiting his parents for the holidays. He noticed, due to pain, his dad was having difficulty getting up from a chair and then trying to walk. When asked what was wrong, he found that the doctors were recommending his dad have back surgery and that he quit his job.

His dad was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis, a condition in which the vertebra in the low back slides forward over the vertebra below and puts pressure on the nerves causing low back pain and weakness in the legs. Seeing his dad in that much pain was difficult to watch.

After doing a quick assessment, Travis was able to determine that the cause of the pain wasn’t a vertebra issue but an issue with the function of his dad’s hips. He gave him some corrective exercises for his hips, and a week later, his dad reported feeling better. Travis continued to work with his dad over the next several weeks to the point of becoming pain-free and preventing the back surgery.

Travis graduated from the University of Kansas and received his degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in pre-physical therapy. He was a decathlete on the University of Kansas track and field team. After graduating, he was hired by The Egoscue Method and worked for Pete Egoscue for seven years. He then returned to Kansas City to open Exercise Therapy of Kansas City.

He is a speaker, best selling author, and owns and operates Exercise Therapy of Kansas City. Travis has two little girls, Sierra and Stella, and when he is not in the clinic, you will find him on the lake fishing.

Through the many years of helping people get back to a better life without pain, he has seen some amazing successes. He has connected with people all over the world who are as passionate about helping people as he is.

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