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Our Holistic Whole-Body Approach to Chronic Pain

Exercise Therapy and You

Find a safe, holistic, whole-body approach to your chronic pain through our exercise therapy. Say no to pain medication, shots, and surgeries and try a new way to free yourself from the constant pain and uncomfortableness that back, knee, or shoulder pain gives you. Stop focusing on the symptoms and start focusing on the problem with exercise therapy.

Feel Good With Body Sculpting

Change your way of life and rid yourself of wrinkles or stubborn fat and achieve the body you have always dreamed of through our body sculpting. Our safe alternative can get you on the path to a healthier self and a more confident you!

Be Free from Chronic Pain

Knee Pain

Neck or Shoulder Pain

Back Pain

Here for Your Pain Relief

Founded by entrepreneur, author, speaker, and exercise therapist Travis Perret, Exercise Therapy of Kansas City was created to rid the world of chronic pain through safer and healthier alternatives to the standard medicinal ways. Perret helps change lifestyles and build healthier habits in each person he works with.

Travis reaches people through every medium to achieve a pain-free life. Read his book, Amazon’s #1 best seller, Pain Free Life, as he helps people everywhere live better. 

Spreading Awareness on a Pain-Free Life

Pain relief isn’t just for those in the office. Exercise Therapy of Kansas City and Travis Perret travel to speak and spread awareness of its holistic whole-body approach to chronic pain to businesses, teams, and individuals who want to live a better life.

Hear From Our Relieved Clients!

“No one understands the importance of body balance, mobility, and muscle strength better than Travis. If you are having chronic pain or dysfunction, he is the person to see.”

– Mark Breault, D.C


“I feel Travis's program is the perfect way to help those with pain. It helped me after two or three sessions when nothing else did. When I first came to Travis, I was having back pain every day; now I hardly ever have pain!”

– Michele Clark, Leawood, KS


“Exercise Therapy of Kansas City has been very beneficial to my over health. I am more flexible and pain-free. I am now able to turn through my golf swing, which I have not been able to do in five years. I see Travis every four or five months for new exercises.”

– Betty Cooper, Hutchinson, KS

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