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Laser Lipo

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What is Laser Lipo?

A laser lipo procedure is an alternative to a surgical liposuction. Compared to the surgical procedure, a laser lipo is less invasive, less painful, and has a much shorter recovery time. During a laser lipo, a paddle-like applicator is placed on the desired area, and heat is then penetrated through the skin to damage the membranes of fat cells. These cells will die off and be absorbed through your body, effectively ridding the fat.

Our Process

Laser lipo works best on areas such as the stomach, flanks, back, and thighs. Like every procedure at Exercise Therapy, there will be a consultation where we will work together to strategize the best plan to get you to your desired body. Laser lipo will take around six weeks to reach noticeable results, but this can depend on the goals involved. Laser lipo also allows you to get back to life after appointments, as there is no recovery time, but you might feel a bit sore afterward.

Benefits of Laser Lipo:


Non-surgical and minimally invasive


Significant fat removal


Quick recovery


Tightens skin


Very low risk


Minimal discomfort during procedure

It is possible to achieve your desired look that inspires confidence and makes you feel amazing.

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