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If you anxiously wait the warm weathered months to get out onto the greens and work on your golf game, few things are going to dampen your spirits like pain.

Sadly, for many golfers, pain has become just another part of the game. Whether the pain is chronic or acute, one thing is for certain and that is it can quickly take you out of playing entirely. It can be frustrating, at the beginning of spring, to be sidelined due to aches and pains.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. You can overcome the pain and get back to your game – often as a better golfer because of it.

Ask yourself this:

  • Do you feel like your chronic lower back pain limits your range of motion when taking a swing?
  • When you bend over to get your ball out of a cup, do you experience sharp or shooting pains?
  • Are your shoulders aching by the time you’re at the 10th hole due to being so stiff and tight?
  • Is a golf cart now a necessity thanks to knee pain that keeps you from walking the course?
  • If you answered yes to even one of these statements, it’s time you did something about it.

At Exercise Therapy of Kansas City in Overland Park Kansas, we treat people every day help overcome their pain and get back into the things that matter most in their life – such as golf. Don’t discount how much pain may be limiting you. While you may notice it most when out on the greens, it could be impacting your day-to-day living.

For 10 years, Travis Perret, owner of Exercise Therapy of Kansas City, trained with functional movement specialist Pete Egoscue at The Egoscue Method in San Diego, California. Egoscue was made famous for his work keeping legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus on the golf course before and after hip surgery.

If you have a tendency to avoid certain physical activities because you know your back will ache after you’re done or you have found you now have a tendency to enjoy sedentary interests more because you’d rather not be bothered with the discomfort, this issue is impacting your quality of life.

What can you do about it? How about fix it?

It’s important to realize the site of pain is not always the cause of your pain. For example, if you are experiencing chronic pain in your low back, you might think this is due to an issue with your disc or muscles there.

Often, it’s not. It may actually be due to the fact that your hips are rotated or elevated and this is placing excess strain and tension on your back. The hips are moving improperly causing compensation in your low back, which causes inflammation, arthritis, and pain. Instead, you’ll continue to treat the site of your pain (your low back), while never actually touching upon the root cause. This is why many of the therapies you have tried in the past have not helped.

We help you get to that root cause so you can start feeling better again sooner.

Why see us in particular?

  • When have been helping golfers get back on the course for over 20 years. are goal is to help you reach your goals.
  • When you work with us, we aren’t just focused on managing your pain. We are also focused on preventing pain in the future. We give you all the necessary tools needed to feel better, move better and prevent future issues.
  • When you work with us to fix your pain, not only will your day-to-day life be improved, but you’ll become a better golfer and athlete as well. Your range of motion will improve. Your right to left balance and the separation of your upper body and lower body will improve, which will help to increase tee off distance and accuracy.

Why put this off another day? You no longer have to be in pain. You have the choice.

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