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I was really concerned with the rounding of my shoulders, misaligned hips and occasional lower back pain. I had been looking for posture and alignment exercise and guidance for a long time. Travis did a great job of helping me understand what was wrong and what I could do to help myself in having better posture and alignment.

Travis is very personable, helpful and encouraging. Moving forward with exercises that cause improvement in my posture and alignment in a way that is comfortable and doable for me is great. I love the personal attention to my specific needs, custom designed program to address my postural strength and flexibility.

Dr. Karen Onofrio, M.D

Columbia, MO

I am almost 80 years old and like many other seniors I been diagnosed with stenosis, sciatica, and rheumatoid arthritis. My posture was deteriorating; I was getting weaker, experiencing pain and periodic numbness in my arms and legs.

After working with Exercise Therapy of KC for 5 months, the results are remarkable! My posture has improved (the photos he took to prove it). I’m stronger than I’ve been in years. I feel better and younger than I have in years!

Joanne Kelley

Olathe, KS

He has made my 71 year old body virtually pain free. Travis gave me the exercises that fixed my TMJ in two days. As well as helping my shoulder, knee, and back pain that I’ve had for years. I feel better than I have felt in my entire adult life.

Ned Kehde

Lawrence, KS

Your Wellness Connection is happy to partner with Travis Perret and Exercise Therapy of Kansas City. He brings a unique exercise program that fuses therapy with personal training that I feel is essential to any individuals health plan. As a doctor of Chiropractic, I know how important posture and alignment is to the human body. Travis is able to bring an exercise program that fits well with our needs and philosophies. I am confident in recommending him to many of my clients and know that he will do his best to help them in their journey towards better health.

Dr. Michelle Robin, Your Wellness Connection

Lenexa, KS

No one understands the importance of body balance, mobility and muscle strength better than Travis. If you are having chronic pain or postural dysfunction, he is the person to see.

Dr. Mark Breault D.C.

Concordia, KS

Travis’ techniques help to prevent the breaking down of my joints. Which no doubt makes me feel better. If you are having chronic pain or need work on you posture you need to call him.

Brent Chapman, Professional Fisherman

Lake Quivira, KS

I now have my life back, pain free! I was able to garden again before I was done with the program. I can get into the gym and workout without pain and, most importantly I can play golf again without pain!

Wright Summers

Overland Park, KS

I am a 73 year old vegan who walks 3 miles a day. I thought I was doing a decent job of stretching and exercising. Due to a conversation with a friend, I contacted Travis Perret to see what he thought of my routine.

I live in London Kentucky and he in Kansas City. I sent him 3 pictures and he came back with a series of suggestions. As the months passed and I kept to his program, I noticed a definite improvement in parts of my body that I thought were beyond repair due to age.

Jim Kraemer

London, Kentucky

Over the internet and phone, and by viewing photographs, he showed me a series of exercises that alleviated my physical issues within months. His methods have proved successful, completely alleviating or greatly lessening any discomfort. He is very astute at understanding the complex movement and relationships among body parts. His exercises have not only meant pain free and comfortable living, but also improved my overall posture greatly.

Steve Quinn


I went on a 36-mile hike backpacking in the Sierra’s at Yosemite. Two years ago I never would have considered going on a trip like that because of pain. But because of your exercises I was prepared and enjoyed every minute. I am now running one day a week, which I never thought would be possible again.

Michele Clark

Leawood, KS

I was experiencing lower back pain before seeing Travis. I could not stand for long periods of time without tremendous back pain. Sitting for long period of time also created stiffness in the back. I’ve tried chiropractor, steroid injections, physical therapy, acupuncture and nothing seems to give lasting relief. My back pain has significantly decreased since working with Travis. I’ve been able to travel without any back issues, whereas before sitting in a plane created pain.

To me it was worth both the time and expense. I am feeling stronger overall and have become much more active.

Carolyn Darst

Overland Park, KS

My back has had virtually no pain for the last three days. On Sunday I pulled weeds, lifted 16 bags of mulch from Home Depot and spread the mulch in my back yard. No pain the next day!

Ellen Stock

Overland Park, KS

My lower back and left knee problems were just about to make me have to quit working as a consultant that traveled around the country. The custom stretches that you gave me on the internet according to my posture photos were great I discovered my hip joint was only about 60% functional. Once I was able to get it more functional my left knee no longer hurt and my back pain is under control. It is great to feel I am in control of my body again.

Rex Bernard

Norman, OK

After an MRI my orthopedic surgeon diagnosed me with osteoarthritis. He told me I would need a knee replacement. My knee pain was so bad I was using crutches to walk around the house and taking four and sometimes more Vicodin a day. Then I found Travis who started me on my posture realignment therapy and immediately my pain was much better. So much better that just a few weeks after starting the program I was able to walk up a ladder and onto my roof without pain.

I went from a very limited life because of knee pain to now full mobility and function. I was a bit of a skeptic at first but now I’m a believer. I would recommend Travis and his program if your having pain.

Jerry Chandler

North Kansas City, MO

I attended Travis’ presentation at the Paul Hansen YMCA and was interested in seeing how he could help me. I had knee pain and for many years had to get a lubricating shot every six months to manage the pain. I no longer have knee pain and have not had a shot for the knees in 9 months. My knees feel great.

I also had some back issues when gardening. I could only be out in the garden for a short period of time until my back started acting up. Now I can be in the yard for much longer without pain.

Since I’m 86 years old it is important to be as active as I possibly can and Travis’ program helps keep e active. I’m standing straighter and my posture is better.

Diane Barrett

Prairie Village, KS

After doing the exercises for four or five months I became aware that my pelvis felt as though it had acquired springs! I no longer felt like an old fashion wagon bumping along with each step.

What does this mean? I no longer fear tripping and falling and can walk with much more confidence in the woods. I can also garden with much more flexibility and less pain.

I live in New Hampshire and have worked primarily with Travis online, sending him pictures which he uses with great insight. He is a gifted and dedicated practitioner.

Kathy Gregg

New Hampshire

At the time there was a lot of soreness in my left shoulder related to surgery the previous January. I also had severe sciatica in my right leg, which had been bothering me since the fall. It was so bad that I often could not walk further than a city block without resting (two disks in the lumbar region were protruding into the spinal column).

Three months later the pain is completely gone in the shoulder and the right hip/leg. I am walking two miles every day and am able to use the left arm normally. Really quite a remarkable recovery and I feel better generally and younger and also feel taller. Many thanks!

J. Downing

Stamford, CT

I was diagnosed with tendonitis in Sept 2011. After many orthopedic visits, 2 steroid injections, numerous physical therapy session and a month of occupational therapy I finally went to Travis. I was wearing a wrist brace 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I had to take 12 ibuprofen a day. After 2 sessions with Travis my pain subsided substantially. After 2 months I am mostly pain free and no longer wear the brace.

I walk for exercise and the real eye opener for me was how differently I am walking. My posture had improved drastically and I walk with my shoulder back. Before I was always leaning forward as if I was walking uphill.

I was extremely skeptical when I first saw Travis but the results speak for themselves.

Jane Chandler

North Kansas City, MO

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