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Sometimes life gets in the way. So it can be hard to find the time to do your exercises. Here are 7 quick and easy exercises you can do at work that will help improve your posture and help eliminate pain.

1) Standing Elbow Curls 25 times.

Standing with your back to the wall and try to touch your elbow to the wall each time. Then touch them in front of you. Feet straight.

2) Sitting Overhead Extension 30 seconds.

Roll your hips to create an arch in your back but keep your elbows, shoulders and hips lined up. Pull your shoulder blades down and together. Do not try to reach toward the ceiling.

3) Sitting Chair Twist 30 seconds each side.

Roll your hips forward. Keep your knees pointed forward and do not let them come together.

4) Sitting Assisted Hip Lift 30 seconds each leg.

Sitting with your hips rolled forward and shoulder pulled back. Use your hand to lightly press on the knee to help get a better stretch.

5) Sitting Arm Circles- Palms down forward circles 30 times. Palms up backward circles 30 times.

Sit with your hips rolled forward and arms shoulder height. Pulled your shoulder blades down and back.

6) Standing Windmill 10 times

Stand with your back to the wall. Bend at the hips trying to keep the hips from moving. Bend each direction, right left is one rep.

7) Counter Stretch One minute.

Hands should be shoulder height. Use a wall if you can not find something high enough. Keep your hips, knees and ankles inline. Feet straight.